September 4, 2018



September 4, 2018


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:05 P.M.(CDT) by Chairman Dana Iversen with Commissioners Dennis Booth, Mike Kenzy, Craig Heller and Sonny Harrowa present. Also present were State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, Highway Superintendent Lee Smith, Fairgrounds Manager Scott Deal, Emergency Management Deputy Lee Weber, Deb Schiefelbein, Fort Pierre Fire Department Rick Cronin, RDO Wade Iszler, Shane Kramme, Nick Lowrey, Capital Journal, and Auditor Philena Burtch. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA: Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Dennis Booth, to approve the Agenda. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


MINUTES: Commissioner Booth requested Minutes be Amended as he was absent for the August 7, 2018 Commission Meeting. Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Mike Kenzy, to approve Amended August 7, 2018, Minutes. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


CLAIMS:  Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve Claims as presented. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


AIRTECH HEATING & COOLING INC                           160.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC                       1237.50  AUG 2018 SUBSIDY                      

AT&T MOBILITY                                                               405.05  R&B/FAIRGROUNDS CELL PHONE 

AVERA ST MARYS HOSPITAL                                       413.28  MEDICAL CARE                 

BEST LAWN CARE                                                            390.00  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

BUTLER MACHINERY CO                                             4676.26  R&B SUPPL                 

CAPITAL AREA COUNSELING INC                             1379.18  MENTALLY ILL PROF SRVCS   

CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                         889.00  TRASH BILLING                

WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                             529.32  OFFICE PUBLICATIONS          

CAPITOL CITY FLORIST AND GIFTS                             69.23  MEMORIAL                     

CENTURYLINK                                                                   85.28  4 CORNERS REPEATER           

CENTURYLINK                                                                  241.61  OFFICE PHONES                

CHRISTY LUMBER                                                           529.34  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

WILL CLARK ELECTRICAL INC                                  2858.35  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

COLE PAPERS INC       74630700                                     132.77  FAIRGROUNDS SUPPL         

COMMTECH                                                                       360.00  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

COMMUNITY YOUTH INVOLVED INC                      1666.66  SEPT 2018 MONTHLY SUPPORT    

COWBOY COUNTRY STORES PIERRE                           33.67  DOE FUEL                     

DAKOTA DATA SHRED                                                     38.75  AUDITOR REPAIR & MAINT       

PEGGY DOUGHERTY                                                       330.00  TREAS HEALTH INSURANCE       

EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                                  1208.21  R&B SUPPL                 

FLEET SERVICES                                                             1734.90  R&B/FAIRGROUNDS FUEL         

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                              90.54  CHN/EXT COPIER LEASE & COPIES       

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                          3205.52  UTILITIES  

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                        16676.09  DUE TO CITY OF FORT PIERRE

FOUR CORNERS FIRE DEPTMENT                               2718.91  HAYES SHOP UTILITIES         

FOX YOUNGBERG & LEWNO PC                                   195.32  CRT APPT ATTRNY  

ROGER A FULLER                                                             330.00  DOE HEALTH INSURANCE         

SARAH FURNIVAL                                                              35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHP           

GOLDEN WEST TECHNOLOGIES                                 2986.22  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS                  334.04  E911                         

GRIMM'S PUMP & INDUSTRIAL SUPP                          168.68  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR                      966.87  R&B SUPPL                 

ALEXIS GUILD                                                                  100.00  FAIRGROUNDS                  

BRET HANSON                                                                    40.00  STALLING REFUND              

KAYCEE HANSON                                                              40.00  STALLING REFUND              

DARCI HARPER                                                                   40.00  STALLING REFUND              

DAWN HILGENKAMP                                                        80.00  STALLING REFUND              

HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                                        485.28  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

HUGHES COUNTY FINANCE OFFICE                         3440.00  JAIL BILL JULY 2018          

CASSY HUNTER                                                                  40.00  STALLING REFUND              

INLAND TRUCK PARTS                                                   236.33  R&B SUPPL                 

SOREN J IVERSEN                                                             460.00  FAIRGROUNDS                  

JC OFFICE SUPPLIES                                                          49.68  EXTENSION SUPPL           

JENNER EQUIPMENT COMPANY                                  119.17  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

JOSIE KENNEDY                                                               180.00  FAIRGROUNDS                  

LARRY'S PLUMBING LLC                                             5364.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

LEWIS & CLARK BHS                                                      160.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SRVCS   

LINCOLN COUNTY                                                            90.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SRVCS   

LYNN'S DAKOTAMART                                                  281.55  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

M & R SIGNS                                                                        50.00  P&Z MISC                     

THOMAS P MAHER                                                        3153.74  AUGUST EXPENSES     

MARCO                                                                               374.46  OFFICE COPIER/COPIES               

DAVE MARONE                                                                  80.00  STALLING REFUND               

MATT MCCORMICK                                                          40.00  STALLING REFUND              

MENARDS - PIERRE                                                        304.13  FAIRGRNDS/GOV BLDG/R&B SUPPL

ANUAR MEZA SOTO                                                         35.00  COURT REPORTER               

MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                                 80.00  TREAS REPAIR & MAINT         

MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                        375.00  ROD SCANNER RENTAL           

MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                          250.73  OFFICE INTERNET              

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                             18.16  COUNTY SHOP NATURAL GAS              

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                             52.08  COURTHOUSE NATURAL GAS        

TOBY MOODY                                                                   80.00  STALLING REFUND              

MORENO LEE & BACHAND PC                                      47.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SRVCS   

NAPA                                                                                    61.59  R&B SUPPL                 

BONNIE NICKELS                                                              55.00  WIC TRAVEL REIMB         

TERRY PERFECT                                                                16.67  MV REFUND                    

DARLIS D PERRY                                                             360.00  BLOOD TEST                   

TAWNE PIEPER                                                                   40.00  STALLING REFUND              

CITY OF PIERRE                                                              6245.33  JULY MED DIRCTOR/E911 3RD QTR

PITNEY BOWES                                                                 201.23  OFFICE POSTAGE                

POWERPLAN                                                                        91.16  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

QUILL CORPORATION                                                   1798.03  OFFICE SUPPL              

JERRY RADA                                                                      330.00  R&B HEALTH INSURANCE         

KORY RAYHILL                                                                  40.00  STALLING REFUND              

ROBINS WATER CONDITIONING INC                            32.10  R&B SUPPL                 

TONI RUFF                                                                        1200.00  FAIRGROUNDS                  

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                  292.21  R&B SUPPL                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                1138.33  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

BRAD A SCHREIBER                                                        599.25  CRT APPT ATTRNY


SD ASSN OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                                 140.00  ROD M/P FUND      

SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                                75.59  OFFICE PHONE                 

SD DEPT OF CORRECTIONS                                           379.19  GOVT BLDG/FAIRGRNDS MAINT   

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                   205.00  ALCOHOL BLOOD TESTS

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                             122039.28   MV/VITALS/MENTAL ILLNESS               

SD FEDERAL PROPERTY AGENCY                               291.00  R&B SUPPL                 

SD FEDERAL PROPERTY AGENCY                               450.00  FAIRGROUNDS EQUIP/MAINT

SD TREASURER                                                               3183.59  SD STATE SALES TAX    

SHERRI SELBY                                                                    80.00  STALLING REFUND              

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                      74.10  R&B REPAIR & MAINT           

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                      19.98  GOVT BLDG SUPPL           

SIOUX NATION OF FORT PIERRE                                144.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

SHELLY STANLEY                                                            80.00  FAIRGROUNDS 


STATE OF SOUTH DAKOTA                                    107662.91  FEMA/WAR CREEK RD              

TITAN MACHINERY                                                       884.02  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

TRANSOURCE                                                                  188.92  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

WALMART COMMUNITY                                                57.94  EXTENSION SUPPL           

WALMART COMMUNITY                                                66.46  CHN/R&B SUPPL            

WENDELL APPRAISAL SERVICES                               200.00  COUNTY SHOP APPRAISAL    

LISA WENDT                                                                       80.00  STALLING REFUND              

CHRISTI WESTPHAL                                                         40.00  STALLING REFUND              

WHEELHOUSE PLUMBING INC                                    346.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                                  504.67  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT  

YELLOW PAGE DIRECTORY SVS INC                         365.00  R&B YELLOW PAGE AD           

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                    191.92  R&B SUPPL                 

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                    149.46  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   


Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer:

August 2018

Cash on hand – $2,470.46

Checks, less than 3 days - $13,331.07

Postage - $100.00

Petty Cash - $215.00

First National Bank - $72,906.32

MKKT Account – First National Bank - $3,917,574.03

MKKT Account – Dakota Prairie Bank - $69,599.81

SD FIT - $6,078.86

Total - $3,993,252.70


Register of Deeds:

Regular Fees August 2018 - $2,465.06

Transfer Fees August 2018 - $2,057.50


Treasurer and Auditor Report: Treasurer Peggy Dougherty presented the Commissioners with Treasurers report, August bank statement and daily cash, delinquent real estate and mobile home taxes paid, tax trust, miscellaneous receipts, (Grants, Register of Deeds receipts, etc.), investments and Money Market reports. Auditor Philena Burtch presented the Commissioners with the Budget Expenditure Report showing each department’s expenses as of July 31, 2018, and the Outstanding Disbursements by account & budget remaining as of August 31, 2018. Absentee voting begins September 21, 2018 for the General Election.


Emergency Management – Local Emergency Operational Plan: Deputy Lee Weber informed the Commission that the Local Emergency Operational Plan is near completion. The County will receive a copy once it is finalized.


Verendrye Museum Update: Deb Schiefelbein thanked the Commission for their continued support. They had a very good BBQ Fundraiser during Fort Pierre Trader Days in August, and the Museum is planning to do it again next year along with the trail rides. All the fundraisers help with expenses for the museum.


Habitat for Humanity has offered to bring a group of volunteers to do repairs to the Sansarc School. Work on the old jail is slow, but the Museum is hoping to have it fixed up by early season next year. The Museum staff have been inventorying and cleaning.


Fairgrounds: Scott Deal is working on a proposal to present to the High School Rodeo Association to host the High School Finals Rodeo in Stanley County. There were 568 stalls for 4-H Finals but the High School Finals are not as big. Scott stated that the electrical hook-ups need to be updated.


Signage – The design of the signage for the west side of the Grandstand has been determined. Before the 4x160 foot sign is put in place, rain gutters, downspouts and snow gates need to be installed. Scott will get quotes for gutters, the sidewalk and a breezeway.


4th of July Rodeo – 2018 4th of July Rodeo final tally is $2,868.00 in the red. Scott is working on other events to add to the traditional rodeo to hopefully bring more people to fill the bleachers.


RDO: Wade Iszler presented the Commissioners with a bit of a different proposal for a 2019 John Deere 772G Motor Grader from the August 2018 meeting proposal. Unfortunately, the interest rate raised a bit, but the dealer incentives are better.


Motion by Craig Heller, second by Sonny Harrowa, to accept RDO quote for 2019 John Deere 772GP Motor Grader and approve Wade Iszler to submit the order. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.

The Commissioners will finalize the purchase procedure during the September 25, 2018 meeting.


Highway Department: Lee Smith presented the Commissioners with a report of work performed for the month of August, 2018, which includes hauling and laying gravel on multiple roads, weed control, mowing ditches, clean out cattle guard, dust control on Bad River Road and cleaning out box culvert for bridge inspection on Bad River Road. The Highway Department hauled 135 loads of dirt and debris from the box culvert totaling 2,025 ton.


Bad River Road – SDDOT Agreement #6792 – Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Program Resolution:  Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Dennis Booth, to approve Federal Aid Bridge Replacement Program Resolution. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Bad River Road – MAG Treatment: Lee Smith informed the Commissioners that the next treatment should be done in November.


CenturyLink Right of Way Occupancy Permit - CenturyLink is laying cable under the public highway located at Sections 33 & 34, Township 6 North, Range 30 East and between Sections 3 & 4 and Sections 9 & 10, Township 5 North, Range 30 East, B.H.M. lying South of County Road 1806 and North of Cut Across Road.


Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Sonny Harrowa, to approve Right of Way Occupancy Utility Permit for CenturyLink to place telephone cable across or under Cut Across Road and Bad River Road. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Surplus: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Dennis Booth, to surplus scrap metal and old culverts with a value of $1,500.00, two 1990 Drake Co. Pup trailers with a value of $3,000.00 each and a 2012 John Deere 772 motor grader with a value of $111,500.00. Total amount of surplus $119,000.00. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


New Hire – Highway Department: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Sonny Harrowa, to approve new hire of Keenan Fischer, truck driver/equipment operator/weed control, starting pay of $17.40 with two (2) 50¢ wage increases, one at 6 months, with supervisor approval, providing in the process of or acquired CDL and applicators license, and at 12 months, with supervisor approval, plus any cost of living increase approved by Commissioners for all county employees. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad – Statement of Support: The Federal Railroad Administration published a Notice of Funding Opportunity for the Consolidated Rail Infrastructure and Safety Improvements (CRISI) grant program. A primary area of focus for this round of CRISI is to improve rail infrastructure and service in rural areas.


The Rapid City, Pierre & Eastern Railroad is a significant part of the overall economic foundation of South Dakota. It plays a very important part of providing freight transportation services across western South Dakota, through a region known as “West River”. RCP&E is requesting full support to this grant request.


Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Craig Heller, to accept and approve Chairman Iversen to sign the Statement of Support. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Budget: The meeting to set the 2019 annual budget has been scheduled for Tuesday, September 25, 2018.


County Shop: Resolution 2018-09 – Stanley County Highway Department Shop – 712 Buffalo Road


Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve Chairman Iversen to sign Resolution 2018-09 Stanley County Highway Shop 712 Buffalo Road. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Resolution 2018-09

Stanley County Highway Department Shop – Buffalo Road


WHEREAS, the County has willingness and ability to purchase a shop property for the ongoing operation of the Stanley County Highway Department, in furtherance of the maintenance of the Stanley County public highway system.

WHEREAS, the Board of Commissioners, in the exercise of its due diligence, has considered the circumstances, including nature and value of the subject property, the current financial resources and needs of the County, alternatives to such purchase, and having also considered the public comment of its citizens and taxpayers, along with comments and submissions of the Stanley County Highway Superintendent and other County officials and agents, and others, and having carefully reviewed the purchase agreement and related documents, finds it advisable and proper to now authorize the Chairman to purchase a certain shop property for the sum of $1,250,000 in the name of and for Stanley County, South Dakota.

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Stanley County Board of Commissioners hereby authorizes and directs the Commission Chairman to execute the Real Estate Purchase Agreement and Exchange Escrow Agreement and legally bind Stanley County, a subdivision of the State of South Dakota to all terms and conditions contained therein, concerning the purchase of a county highway shop property from Kenneth and Cheryl Brull, described as:

Lot 2 and Lot 3 of A-1 Development Subdivision, a Re-Plat of Lots 2B and 2C, Maher Addition, City of Fort Pierre, Stanley County, South Dakota, according to the recorded plat thereof subject only to easements, right of ways, covenants, restrictions and reservations of record.

The Chairman is also authorized to execute any and all documents necessary to complete this real property transfer and to effect the intended IRC 1031 exchange; including, but not limited to, an Assignment, Identification of Exchange Property Under Internal Revenue Code Acknowledgement of Receipt of Copy of Assignment, Identification of Exchange Property Under Internal Revenue Code § 1031(a)(3)(A), and Notice of Assignment. 

Dated this 4th day of September, 2018.

                                                            STANLEY COUNTY, SOUTH DAKOTA


                                                      By: ____________________________

                                                            DANA IVERSEN, Chairman                                   

                                                            Stanley County Commission


Philena Burtch, Auditor


Upcoming Workshops: County Officials Fall Convention – Annual Assessor School – Coroner Training


Adjournment: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Sonny Harrowa, to adjourn at 7:43 P.M. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


ATTEST:                                                         BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS


Philena Burtch, Auditor                                               Dana Iversen, Chairman

Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532