July 9, 2024



TUESDAY JULY 9, 2024 – 5:00 P.M.

                                                  Call Meeting to Order

                                                  Pledge of Allegiance

                                                  Approve Agenda

                                                  Approve Minutes of June 6, 2024

                                                  Review & Approve Claims

                                                  Treasurer & Auditor Report

                                                  Post Election Audit Report

                                                  Government Building – Rick Striker

                                                            Courthouse Structural Engineering Report

                                                            Boiler Chemical Tank

                                                  4-H Regional Youth Educator – Regina Bakley

                                                  Willie Cowan

                                                  Ross Nelson – Freedom of Information Act

5:30 PM – 5:50 PM                  Neighbors of the Proposed Buffalo Packing Plant 

                                                  Fairgrounds – Scott Deal

                                                            Surplus Groundhog Arena Groomer                                                           

                                                  Highway Department – Lee Smith           

                                                  Raise – Legal Assistant Jane Schrank 50¢ 1-Year  

                                                  Director of Equalization – Vanguard Remote Module Program

                                                  Automatic Budget Supplement

                                                            Election Supplies

                                                            Fairgrounds Utilities

                                                            Fairgrounds Supplies                                                                        

                                                  Executive Session – Personnel – SDCL 1-25-2(1) 

                                                  Upcoming Workshops – Oahe District Meeting

Discussion:                               Any other business that may come before the Board                                                


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532