May 1, 2018



May 1, 2018


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:09 P.M.(CDT) by Chairman Dana Iversen with Commissioners Dennis Booth, Mike Kenzy, Craig Heller and Sonny Harrowa present. Also present were State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, County Coroner Gary Grittner, Emergency Manager Rob Fines, Fairgrounds Manager Scott Deal, Highway Superintendent Lee Smith, Fort Pierre Fire Department Rick Cronin, Dave Askins, Capital Journal, and Auditor Philena Burtch. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Dennis Booth, to approve the Agenda. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


MINUTES:  Motion by Craig Heller, second by Dennis Booth, to approve April 3, 2018, and April 17, 2018, Minutes. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


CLAIMS:  Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve Claims as presented. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC                          1237.50  APRIL 2018                   

ASSN OF SD CO WEED/PEST BOARDS                            150.00  2018 W&P ANNUAL DUES         

AT&T MOBILITY                                                                  246.47  CELL PHONES 

AVERA QUEEN OF PEACE HEALTH                                  41.00  R&B PROF SERVICES            

BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                                   841.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR&MAINT     

BRULE COUNTY AUDITOR                                              110.00  MARCH JAIL BILL              

PHILENA BURTCH                                                               16.48  R&B REIMBURSEMENT          

BUTLER MACHINERY CO                                              2060.00  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                          184.00  TRASH BILLING

WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                              675.17  PUBLICATIONS/SUBSCRIPTION    

CENTRAL CULVERT SUPPLY                                       1434.00  R&B SUPPLIES                 

CENTURYLINK                                                                    85.28  FOUR CORNERS RPTR            

CENTURYLINK                                                                  241.47  OFFICE PHONES                

CHRISTY LUMBER                                                              57.44  R&B SUPPLIES                 

CHRISTY LUMBER                                                                4.08  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

WILL CLARK ELECTRICAL INC                                   9039.42  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

COMMUNITY YOUTH INVOLVED INC                       1666.67  MAY MONTHLY SUPPORT          

COVE PLACE ROAD DISTRICT                                       250.00  COVE ROAD DISTRICT

DAKOTA DATA SHRED                                                      38.75  AUD MAINT           

SCOTT DEAL                                                                       278.20  FAIRGROUNDS REIMBURSEMENT    

DIAMOND ATTACHMENTS                                         12319.63  DOZER CAB                

DIV OF MOTOR VEHICLES                                                11.20  REPLACEMENT LICENSE PLATE

DON'S SINCLAIR                                                            17796.00  R&B FUEL                     

PEGGY DOUGHERTY                                                        868.78  TREAS HEALTH INSURANCE       

EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                                     168.60  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

EQUIPMENT BLADES INC                                                496.00  R&B SUPPLIES                 

SHARON FARNEY                                                                35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP      

FIRST NATIONAL BANK                                                    33.00  COMMISSIONER MISC            

WADE FISCHER                                                                1668.49  CRT APPT ATTRNY  

TERRA M FISHER                                                               750.32  CRT APPT ATTRNY        

FLEET SERVICES                                                                979.53  FUEL                     

EDWARD FLOM                                                                  621.87  ABATEMENT REFUND              

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                        42087.58  DUE TO CITY OF FORT PIERRE

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                              74.39  CHN/EXTN COPIER LEASE/COPIES       

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                           3312.05  UTILTIES

FRIMAN OIL & GAS CO INC                                               52.26  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

COLLEEN FROST                                                                  46.74   ABATEMENT REFUND

ROGER A FULLER                                                              868.78  DOE HEALTH INSURANCE         

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS                   334.04  E-911                         

HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                                         126.56  REPR & MAINT

STAN HOUSTON                                                                149.00  R&B SUPPLIES                 

HUGHES COUNTY FINANCE OFFICE                        18530.00  MARCH JAIL BILL              

INLAND TRUCK PARTS                                                   100.50  R&B SUPPLIES                 

MARK KATTERHAGEN                                                      33.00  MENTAL ILLNESS PROF SERVICES 

KCH LAW                                                                            202.88  MENTALLY ILL - CAA           

LAWSON PRODUCTS INC                                                193.77  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

LUCY LEWNO                                                                     226.47  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES   

LILA'S SEWING & EMBROIDERY                                     31.35  R&B REPAIR & MAINT           

DARCY LOCKWOOD                                                           33.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES   

LYNN'S DAKOTAMART                                                      60.94  SUPPLIES    

THOMAS P MAHER                                                          2743.65  APRIL MONTHLY EXPENSES   

MARCO                                                                                 866.66  COPIER LEASE/COPIES                

MCLEOD'S PRINTING & OFFICE SUP                             200.00  ELECTION SUPPLIES            

MENARDS - PIERRE                                                           240.92  FAIRGROUNDS/GOVT BLDG REPAIR 

ANUAR MEZA SOTO                                                          231.80  COURT REPORTER               

MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                                    80.00  R&B REPAIR & MAINT           

MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                            375.00  ROD EQUIPMENT RENTAL         

MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                              266.46  OFFICE INTERNET              

MONICK PIPE & SUPPLY INC                                             80.22  R&B REPAIR & MAINT           

MONICK PIPE & SUPPLY INC                                             57.18  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                               877.55  R&B/GOVT BLDG NATURAL GAS  

MORENO LEE & BACHAND PC                                          61.15  MENTALLLY ILL PROF SERVICES  

MORRIS INC                                                                         660.18  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

MORRIS INC                                                                     14534.07  EQUIPMENT RENTAL     

NAPA                                                                                       73.60  R&B SUPPLIES                 

DARLIS D PERRY                                                                540.00  ALCOHOL BLOOD TESTS                  

PIERRE AREA REFERRAL SERVICE                               500.00  BACKPACK PROGRAM

CITY OF PIERRE                                                             18019.65  MED DIRECTOR/DISPATCH 

PITNEY BOWES                                                                  269.11  OFFICE POSTAGE               

QUILL CORPORATION                                                      517.14  OFFICE SUPPLIES              

RITER ROGERS WATTIER &                                          1050.00  WAR CREEK RD                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                   722.07  R&B SUPPLIES                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                   332.40  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

SCHAEFFER MFG CO                                                        413.10  R&B SUPPLIES                 

BRAD A SCHREIBER                                                         178.20  CRT APPT ATTRNY        

SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                                86.76  OFFICE-LONG DIST-BIT                

SD DEPT OF CORRECTIONS                                           145.35  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                               96374.09  MV & VITALS

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                 1850.00  2ND QTR CHN                  

SD FEDERAL PROPERTY AGENCY                             6650.00  1993 FORD LT9000 TRUCK                

SD FEDERAL PROPERTY AGENCY                             1526.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

SD ASSN OF COUNTY COMMISSIONER                        75.00  R&B TRAVEL & CONF                      

SD ASSOC OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                              124.00  ROD M/P FUND

SD ASSOC OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                              150.00  DEPUTY WORKSHOP    

SD PUBLIC ASSURANCE ALLIANCE                            198.43  R&B TRACTORS                

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                      73.48  R&B MAINT           

STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL DIST 57-1                184395.65  DUE TO SC SCHOOL

KATIE J THOMPSON                                                       588.47  CRT APPT ATTRNY       

WALMART COMMUNITY                                             229.10  R&B SUPPLIES                 

WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                              1119.12  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

YANKTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT                         50.00  SHERRIFF FEES                

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                  358.42  R&B SUPPLIES                  


Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer:

April 2018

Cash on hand – $2,206.11

Checks, less than 3 days - $200,679.21

Postage - $100.00

Petty Cash - $215.00

First National Bank - $123,558.84

MKKT Account – First National Bank - $3,743,327.62

MKKT Account – Dakota Prairie Bank - $69,358.06

SD FIT - $6,046.58

Total - $3,818,732.26


Register of Deeds:

Regular Fees April 2018 - $53,415.84

Transfer Fees April 2018 - $7,545.00


Treasurer and Auditor Report: Treasurer Peggy Dougherty presented the Commissioners with Treasurers report, March bank statement and daily cash, delinquent real estate and mobile home taxes paid, tax trust, miscellaneous receipts, (Grants, Register of Deeds receipts, etc.), investments and Money Market reports. Auditor Philena Burtch presented the Commissioners with the Budget Expenditure Report showing each department’s expenses as of March 31, 2018, Fiscal Revenue Report as of March 31, 2018, and the Outstanding Disbursements by account & budget remaining as of April 30, 2018. Auditor Burtch also informed the Commissioners that Absentee Voting began on April 20, 2018, and things have been going smooth.


County Coroner: Gary Grittner would like to appoint two deputy coroners, Tiffany Sanchez and Shirley Swanson. They are both teachers and both good hands as Gary is thinking ahead to a day when he may want to step down as coroner.


By law, a County Coroner has to have 16 hours of training to begin, and 8 hours every other year. Deputies are not required to take the training. As of the end of April, the Coroner has not had any calls.


Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Craig Heller, to approve the appointment of Deputy Coroners Tiffany Sanchez and Shirley Swanson. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Fort Pierre Fire Department: Rick Cronin stated that in 2015 the County agreed to give the fire department land for a new fire hall located north on SD Highway 1806. The new hall committee worked with their attorney to finalize a land agreement. The Committee has met with Brosz Engineering, they have an initial design and will start acquiring funding and applying for Grants as soon as the land agreement between the County and Fort Pierre Fire Department is approved and signed. Rick stated that the new hall could be a potential storm shelter for the people living at River Bluffs Estate and visitors at the campgrounds.


Hughes/Stanley Emergency Management: Rob Fines informed the Commissioners that the Grant for the new digital radios has been completed and submitted. The States emergency radios need to be updated by 2023 when analog systems will be outdated. The local fire departments will be able to use the analog radios to communicate within their department, however, if other departments are called in to assist, they will have to use digital.


The POD (Points of Dispensing) Plan pandemic is about completed and should be good for 3-5 years. Points of Dispensing is a place where medications for vaccinations can be provided on a mass scale to an entire community in a short period of time.


The State wants to change the funding for EM&D. If EM&D offices have a Director and a Deputy, the funding will continue. Hughes/Stanley Director is Rob Fines, once a Deputy is officially on staff, it will give Hughes/Stanley Counties more assistance.


The weather warning sirens were tested Wednesday, April 25th. All 23 sirens tested well, as did the new one located near the downstream. Weekly siren tests will be conducted Tuesdays at 10:15 A.M. throughout the summer.

Fairgrounds:  Scott Deal presented the Commissioners with a report of the work completed in the month of April. Scott would like to install rain gutters and snow stops on the west side of the Grandstand. This will help to reduce water and snow near the building.


Grandstand Concession Area Update –The concession area is almost complete. The updates are working well for the horse races. Scott has looked at the walk-in-coolers and will decide what size will fit best once the horse races are done.


Parking Lot – Auditor Burtch spoke with the City of Fort Pierre regarding their street projects and if we, the City and County, could work together to fix the parking lot. We will communicate on timing of events and availability of equipment. The drainage problem between the south doors of the Grandstand and the paddock area will to be fixed when weather and timing of events allows.


Electrical Hook-ups – The area north of the bath house needs to be built up and leveled. The electrical pedestals need to be updated. Pedestals with two outlets 30 to 50 amp has to be on a cement pad. Scott will get quotes for total cost of pedestals. Also, the electrical hook-ups east of the Schomer barn need to be eliminated. It will open up more area for outside stalls.


Highway Department:  Lee Smith presented the Commissioners with a report of the work completed in the months of March and April. Verendrye Drive is getting tore up with all the extra truck traffic, the County should look into a Resolution to add a ton limit.


Courthouse Parking Lot – Lee would like to take out the grass area southeast of the courthouse for additional parking and fix the drainage from the Courthouse by sloping the area before we, the City and County, start work on the alley. Lee will get a plan put together.


Trailer for Skid-steer – The trailer that the highway department owns is too small to haul the skid-ster. Lee looked at a 20’ tilt HW, 7000lbs axels for $5,300.00. The Commissioners would like Lee to get a couple more quotes.


Lee informed the Commissioners that the Weed & Pest Board met Monday, April 30, 2018. They approved the hiring of Dani’s Thistle Spraying to spray the road ditches. They have done a good job the last few years. The Board also discussed the chemicals used for spraying needs to be more plant specific for weeds. The W&P department has some, but the Department will need to purchase some other strains. And the Weed &Pest Department received a Grant from the State in the amount of $6,200.00.


Executive Session – Personnel – SDCL 1-25-2(1): Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Sonny Harrowa, to go into Executive Session-Personnel-SDCL 1-25-2(1) at 6:29 P.M. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Chairman Iversen declared to reconvene at 6:56 P.M.


WIC Secretary Travel: The County’s WIC secretary will be traveling with the State Nurse to the Fort Thompson Clinic on May 3, 2018.


SD Department of Health, WIC Program – Amended Contract: Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Mike Kenzy, to accept and approve Chairman Iversen to sign the WIC Program Amended Contract to increase the funds to cover estimated costs associated with the County’s WIC secretary providing clerical coverage in Buffalo County at the Fort Thompson site. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Catholic Community Foundation of Easter South Dakota Raffle:  The Catholic Community Foundation of Easter South Dakota is stating its intent and seeking approval to conduct a raffle throughout the state of South Dakota, in person and online. The draw will be held at Oahe Downstream Recreation Area, Fort Pierre, SD on June 11, 2018.


Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to approve and allow Catholic Community Foundation of Eastern South Dakota to conduct a raffle. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Upcoming Workshops: SDACO Spring Workshop, SDACHS Office Personnel Workshop, SDACO Deputy Workshop, Vanguard Workshop


June meeting will be conducted Thursday, June 7, 2018.


Adjournment: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to adjourn at 7:02 P.M. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


ATTEST:                                                         BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS


Philena Burtch, Auditor                                               Dana Iversen, Chairman

Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532