February 6, 2018



February 6, 2018


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:08 P.M.(CST) by Vice Chairman Sonny Harrowa with Commissioners Dennis Booth, Mike Kenzy and Craig Heller present. Commissioner Dana Iversen was absent. Also present were State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, Coroner Gary Grittner, Deputy Coroner Jill Richardson, Highway Superintendent Lee Smith, Fairgrounds Manager Scott Deal, Robby Calkins, Frank Iversen, Dave Askins, Capital Journal, and Auditor Philena Burtch. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Dennis Booth, to approve the Agenda. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


MINUTES:  Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to approve January 2, 2018, Minutes and January 11, 2018, Minutes. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


CLAIMS:  Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve Claims as presented. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


3D SPECIALTY                                                1505.10  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

JASON R ADAMS                                              888.45  CRT APPT ATTRNY                   

JILL ALLEN                                                          23.69  OVERPAID TAXES               

GARY AMBUR                                                     49.04  OVERPAID TAXES               

AMERICAN MEDICAL RESPONSE INC       1237.50  JANUARY 2018                 

ASSMAN'S SHOP SUPPLY                                  18.00  R&B SUPPL                

AT&T MOBILITY                                                157.45  CELL PHONES 

AVERA QUEEN OF PEACE HEALTH                60.00  R&B PROF SRVCS            


MIKE BOLLWEG                                               1069.92  OVERPAID TAXES               

BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                 848.90  R&B SUPPL                 

BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                   42.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

TODD BOWMAN                                                   66.34  OVERPAID TAXES               

PHILENA BURTCH                                             136.58  ANNUAL REPORT WKSHOP         

BUTLER MACHINERY CO                              5575.38  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

ROBERT CALKINS                                             182.06  OVERPAID TAXES               

CAPITAL AREA COUNSELING INC              1282.20  MCR DEC 2017/QMHP          


WICK COMMUNICATIONS                               562.52  PUBLICATIONS


CELEBRITY BROADBAND LLC                        781.77  R&B UTILITIES                

CENTURYLINK                                                      85.28  4 CORNERS REPEATER           

CENTURYLINK                                                    241.62  OFFICE PHONES                


TRAVIS W STOUT-CHOLIK’S                           250.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

CHRISTY LUMBER                                             120.03  R&B SUPPL                 

SCOTT COLLISON                                              836.60  OVERPAID TAXES               

COMMUNICATIONS CENTER INC                  385.49  R&B REPAIR & MAINT            


CORDELL COSTAR                                              35.28  OVERPAID TAXES

COVE PLACE ROAD DISTRICT                        508.30  COVE ROAD DISTRICT               

LARRY COYLE                                                    662.48  OVERPAID TAXES               

DAKOTA DATA SHRED                                       37.50  AUD REPAIR & MAINT           

DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLE                     1140.00  DISTRESS WARRANT             

DIVISION OF MOTOR VEHICLE                         50.00  R&B TITLE FEE              

PEGGY DOUGHERTY                                         998.78  ADMIN FEE/TREAS HEALTH INSRC  

ECONO SIGNS LLC                                              680.45  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                      631.54  R&B SUPPL                 


MIKE FERRIS                                                            3.62  OVERPAID TAXES               

FLEET SERVICES                                               1069.30  R&B FUEL                     

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                75.70  COPIER LEASE & COPIES        

FORT PIERRE CITY                                            3065.34  UTILITIES

FORT PIERRE CITY                                          14984.02  DUE TO CITY OF FORT PIERRE

FOUR CORNERS FIRE DEPTMENT                   648.06  HAYES SHOP UTILITIES         

ROGER A FULLER                                               868.78  DOE HEALTH INSURANCE         

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS      334.04  E-911                        

GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR            22.66  R&B SUPPL                 

DIANE HASHMAN                                                    2.76  OVERPAID TAXES               

E E HAWK                                                               291.59  OVERPAID TAXES               

JOANNE HECKINLIABLE                                        9.36  OVERPAID TAXES               

HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                             172.57  R&B SUPPL                 

HOGEN'S HARDWARE HANK                               17.98  GOVT BLDG REPAIR & MAINT     

LILA HOUCK                                                             75.05  OVERPAID TAXES               

KATIE J HRUSKA                                                    531.10  CRT APPT ATTRNY                   

HUGHES COUNTY FINANCE OFFICE             10700.00  DEC 2017 JAIL BILLING         

INLAND TRUCK PARTS                                           28.62  R&B SUPPL                 

ANTHONIE IWAN                                                        1.22  OVERPAID TAXES               


PAUL KARST                                                              95.32  OVERPAID TAXES               

DENA KINSELLA                                                       35.39  OVERPAID TAXES               

TJ KNUTSON                                                               56.52  OVERPAID TAXES               

LAWSON PRODUCTS INC                                      494.30  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

JAMES LAWTON                                                        18.84  OVERPAID TAXES               

LOCATORS & SUPPLIES INC                                 532.95  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

BRENDA LOUNSBURY                                           360.00  BLOOD ALCOHOL TESTS                

LYNN'S DAKOTAMART                                              1.39  R&B SUPPL                 

MAGNEL LLC                                                          2130.88  OVERPAID TAXES               

THOMAS P MAHER                                                2650.36  JANUARY 2018 MONTHLY EXPENSES     

MARCO                                                                       374.40  OFFICE COPIER LEASE               

RAYMOND MELIGAN                                                  2.48  OVERPAID TAXES               

MENARDS - PIERRE                                                  376.44  GOVT BLDG/R&B REPAIR & MAINT

MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                          40.00  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                  375.00  ROD SCANNER RENTAL           


MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                      75.00  EXTENSION INTERNET             

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                      343.67  R&B NATURAL GAS              

MONTANA-DAKOTA UTILITIES CO                      747.84  GOVT BLDG NATURAL GAS        

MORRIS INC                                                                777.48  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

MORRIS INC                                                            11465.59  COMMERCIAL REFUNDS           

MUNDT BROTHERS                                                   714.64  OVERPAID TAXES               

NAPA                                                                               96.96  R&B SUPPL                 

NE SD COMM ACTN PRGM                                     5000.00  GROW SD 2018                 

CRAIG NOVAK                                                            678.92  OVERPAID TAXES               

NRCA                                                                               20.00  2018 4TH OF JULY NRCA RODEO  

OVERHEAD DOOR CO OF PIERRE                          102.64  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

RICHARD D PARKER                                                   56.94  OVERPAID TAXES               

JESSICA PAULSEN                                                      114.00  COURT REPORTER               

DARLIS D PERRY                                                        600.00  BLOOD ALCOHOL TESTS  

ROY PETERSEN JR                                                          3.84  OVERPAID TAXES               

PETERSEN MOTORS INC                                              38.85  W&P SUPPL         

CITY OF PIERRE                                                       11884.32  E-911 JAN-MAR 2018 

CITY OF PIERRE                                                         6025.33  DISPATCH SRVC JAN-MAR          

CLYDE PIETZ                                                                  16.82  OVERPAID TAXES               

PITNEY BOWES                                                          1357.69  OFFICE POSTAGE               

POWERPLAN                                                                 604.95  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

QUILL CORPORATION                                                672.05  OFFICE SUPPL              

ROBERT RICKETTS                                                      193.42  OVERPAID TAXES                

RITER ROGERS WATTIER &                                     1522.50  WAR CREEK ROAD                

ROBINS WATER CONDITIONING INC                         12.00  R&B SUPPL                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                             1273.89  R&B SUPPL                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                                 51.55  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

GONZALO SANCHEZ                                                     172.49  OVERPAID TAXES               


BRAD A SCHREIBER                                                    1903.29  CRT APPT ATTRNY

SDACO                                                                              104.00  ROD M/P FUND

SD BUREAU OF ADMINISTRATION                           112.35  OFFICE PHONES                

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                               1855.00  CHN 2018/BLOOD ALCOHOL TESTS 

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                             61014.04  MV/VITALS/MENTAL ILL

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                   32.40  R&B PLATES/W&P PLATES   

SD FEDERAL PROPERTY AGENCY                             148.00  R&B SUPPL                 

SD ASSOC OF CNTY WEED/PST SUPR                          50.00  W&P ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP        


RANDY SEILER                                                                  82.04  OVERPAID TAXES               

KARA SEMMLER                                                           3525.00  CRT APPT ATTRNY

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                   110.23  R&B REPAIR & MAINT           

SHARPE RENTALS INC                                                  692.25  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

HERB SIBSON                                                                    25.80  OVERPAID TAXES               

DONNA SLAATHAUG                                                      35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP 


CHRISTINA STASKEWICH                                                0.61  OVERPAID TAXES               

NANCY STENSON                                                             35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP    

KYLIE STODDARD                                                            35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP    

JAMES SZANA                                                                    47.00  OVERPAID TAXES               

THE LODGE AT DEADWOOD                                        267.00  R&B TRAVEL & CONFERENCE      

CHARLES THOMPSON                                                    341.32  OVERPAID TAXES               

KATIE J THOMPSON                                                      1240.98  CRT APPT ATTRNY              

TITAN MACHINERY                                                          82.00  R&B SUPPL                 

WALK-N-ROLL                                                                  211.80  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

BEVERLY WEGNER                                                         179.96  OVERPAID TAXES               

MICHAEL WEISGRAM                                                       70.32  OVERPAID TAXES               

JAMES WHITE                                                                     16.84  OVERPAID TAXES               

WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                                   260.33  R&B SUPPL/REPAIR & MAINT

CHRISTIE ZANDER                                                             41.18  OVERPAID TAXES               

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                  1133.72  R&B SUPPLIES                 

STEVEN ZINTER                                                                 86.52  OVERPAID TAXES               


Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer:

December 2017

Cash on hand – $1,416.52

Checks, less than 3 days - $96,932.37

Postage - $100.00

Petty Cash - $215.00

First National Bank - $179,043.52

MKKT Account – First National Bank - $3,853,609.31

MKKT Account – Dakota Prairie Bank - $69,215.59

SD FIT - $6,034.99

Total - $3,928,859.89


January 2018

Cash on hand - $2,071.72

Checks, less than 3 days - $91,699.90

Postage - $100.00

Petty Cash - $215.00

First National Bank - $159,619.92

MKKT Account – First National Bank - $4,006,266.03

MKKT Account – Dakota Prairie Bank - $69,264.09

SD FIT - $6,038.56

Total - $4,081,568.68


Register of Deeds:

Regular Fees January 2018 - $2,780.13

Transfer Fees January 2018 - $2,581.50


Treasurer and Auditor Report: Treasurer Peggy Dougherty presented the Commissioners with the Treasurers report, January bank statement and daily cash, delinquent real estate and mobile home taxes paid, tax trust, miscellaneous receipts (Grants, Register of Deeds receipts, etc.), investments and Money Market reports. Auditor Philena Burtch presented the Commissioners with the Outstanding Disbursements by account & budget remaining as of February 5, 2018.


Welfare Director Peggy Dougherty would like the Welfare duties transferred back to the Auditor’s office. Welfare Officials Workshop is in March, 2018, Deputy Auditor Sarah Furnival will attend for training.


Coroner Report: Gary Grittner presented the Commissioners with a Year End Report for 2017. The Coroner is called when a death is the result of an accident, homicide or suicide. In 2017, County Coroner Grittner was called to two such cases.


The Coroner’s budget for 2017 was $10,000.00. The amount expended was $129.18. None of the travel and training expenses were charged to the County. Gary will continue to do his best to provide a professional service to the County at the least possible cost.


Coroner Grittner introduced Deputy Coroner Jill Richardson. Deputy Richardson is a very positive asset with all her medical training and experience. Gary and Jill attended training in Sioux Falls. Deputy Cammie Erickson has moved out of Stanley County and stepped down as Deputy. Gary thanked Cammie for her willingness to serve. Gary would like to find another Deputy.


County Access Trail: Robby Calkins explained to the Commissioners that he is fed up with his fences being cut and gates being left open. When this happens and his cattle mix with the neighbors cattle, it could take a couple days to get them sorted and in their own pastures again. He is tired of the Jones County trucks going through whenever they want to, they used to ask.


Frank Iversen stated the trail has been in existence for at least 73 years, that he can remember. Frank moves his cattle across Calkins land when the Bad River is up, it’s the only way.


Tom P. Maher explained to Mr. Calkins that he needs to make the people accountable for the damages they cause. As for the County trucks, Stanley County will contact Jones County regarding better communication with Mr. Calkins when they are planning to haul gravel across the trail. Mr. Calkins would like some respect shown for himself and his property.


Highway Department:  Lee Smith presented the Commissioners with a report of the work completed by the highway department for the month of January.


Tractor Rental: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to approve rental of mowing tractors from Grossenburgs for $31.00 per hour, up to 250 hours, for the 2018 mowing season. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.

Tractors are to be delivered March 1, 2018.


Lee Smith would like to publish notice to bidders for gravel crushing as soon as possible. He would like the bid to include royalty fees payable to the land owner.


Lee Smith has called several companies regarding a cab for the D7 Dozer. A used one is $5,000.00 to $6,000.00 with no guarantee that all the pieces are included. Lee contacted a manufacturer in Oklahoma, they can build a new cab, with heat and A/C for $11,000.00, warranty included.


Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to purchase a cab for the D7 Dozer, not to exceed $11,000.00. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Bridge inspections are coming up, Lee would like to get a bid from Brosz Engineering and Clark Engineering before inspections are done.


Fairgrounds:  Scott Deal presented to the Commissioners a report of work performed for the month of January. The Toolcat is working well for which it is needed. Scott has started the update process of the concession area of the Grandstands. Scott received quotes for spray-in insulation for the concession area, he would like to have the insulation process completed before the updated equipment is placed.


Motion by Craig Heller, second by Dennis Booth, to insulate with fire proof coating, the concession area of the Grandstands, not to exceed $5,200.00. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


The new bleachers should be delivered by the end of February 2018. Scott cut 8” down in the small arena and replaced with screened sand, the small arena is in good shape. Scott would like to do the same with the big arena.


Security cameras: Scott received two quotes for two different systems. The Commissioners would like to see quotes for comparable systems.


Arena Groomer: The fairgrounds has borrowed arena groomers for years, it would be nice if we had our own. Scott will get quotes for pre-made groomers and figure cost to make one.


As to date, no word on horse races.


Drinking Fountain - Courthouse: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to approve the purchase of a wall-mount ADA drinking fountain for the 2nd floor of the Courthouse, not to exceed $550.00. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Raise: Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve 6 month 50¢ raise for Deputy Auditor Sarah Furnival, effective February 21, 2018. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Upcoming Workshops: Annual Weed & Pest Conference, County Commissioner and Welfare Official Workshop and County Highway Superintendent Conference


Adjournment: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Mike Kenzy, to adjourn at 6:45 P.M. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


ATTEST:                                                         BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS


Philena Burtch, Auditor                                               Sonny Harrowa, Vice Chairman

Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532