December 4, 2018



December 4, 2018


The regular meeting of the Stanley County Commission was called to order at 5:04 P.M.(CDT) by Chairman Dana Iversen with Commissioners Dennis Booth, Mike Kenzy, Craig Heller and Sonny Harrowa present. Also present were State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, Treasurer Peggy Dougherty, Deputy Treasurer Susan Freeman, County Health Nurse Carmella Bourk, Fairgrounds Manager Scott Deal, Highway Superintendent Lee Smith, Emergency Management Rob Fines, CSDED Nicole Prince, Robyn Moore, Mike Moore, Capitol Journal Arpan Lobo and Auditor Philena Burtch. The meeting commenced with the recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance.


AGENDA: Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Mike Kenzy, to approve the Agenda. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


MINUTES: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Sonny Harrowa, to approve November 8, 2018 Minutes. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


CLAIMS:  Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Dennis Booth, to approve Claims as presented. All Voted Aye. Motion Carried.


AARON SWAN & ASSOCIATES                                 300.00  R&B PROFESSIONAL SERVICES    


AT&T MOBILITY                                                        1063.65  CELL PHONES                  

BANK WEST                                                                      6.16  OVERPD TAXES #9115/7056/6859

BINDERTEK                                                                     57.50  AUDITOR SUPPLIES             

DALE BISSON                                                                  72.00  MV REFUND                    

RANDY BJORKLUND                                                     16.55  OVERPAID TAXES               

BH FEDERAL CREDT UNION                                         3.40  OVERPAID TAXES #8263/8265    

BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                              20.95  R&B SUPPLIES                 

BOTTOM LINE WELDING                                            148.50  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

BUTLER MACHINERY CO                                          1421.03  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

CAM RENTALS                                                               759.90  OVERPAID TAXES #8250         


CAPITAL AREA REFUSE LLC                                        64.00  TRASH BILLING                

WICK COMMUNICATIONS                                         2082.16  4TH OF JULY/MINUTES/ELECTION 

KEVIN CARTER                                                               438.81  OVERPAID TAXES               

CATERPILLAR FINANCIAL SERVICES                   39237.33  2016 CAT GRADER N9J00345     

CENTURYLINK                                                                  85.28  4 CORNERS REPEATER           

CENTURYLINK                                                                241.76  OFFICE PHONES                

CHANDLERS INC AUTOGLASS/RECYCL                     90.00  R&B SUPPLIES                 

CHRISTINA CLEMENS                                                      20.00  SUBPOENA                     


CORELOGIC                                                                     1192.51  OVERPAID TAXES #6456/8323    

CORELOGIC                                                                    2612.36  OVERPD TAXES #6865/8502/7375 

COVE PLACE ROAD DISTRICT                                   1750.00  COVE ROAD DISTRICT

COWBOY COUNTRY STORES PIERRE                          50.00  FUEL                         

DAKOTA DATA SHRED                                                  193.75  AUD MAINT                    

SCOTT DEAL                                                                    159.60  FAIRGROUNDS REIMBURSEMENT    

DEERE CREDIT INC                                                    39248.03  2017 JD 772GP MOTORGRADER    

PEGGY DOUGHERTY                                                     330.00  TREAS HEALTH INSURANCE       

EDDIE'S TRUCK SALES                                                 212.22  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

MIKE FINLEY                                                                  506.91  OVERPAID TAXES               

WADE FISCHER                                                              422.99  CRT APPT ATTRNY                      

JONILYNN FISHER                                                         377.60  OVERPAID TAXES               

FLEET SERVICES                                                          1415.45  FUEL                         

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                          77.42  EXT/CHN COPIER LEASE & COPIES

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                        750.00  ANNUAL APPRECIATION GATHERING

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                      2290.54  UTILITIES  

FORT PIERRE CITY                                                  479330.34  DUE TO CITY OF FORT PIERRE                 

FRIMAN OIL & GAS CO INC                                          13.40  R&B SUPPLIES                 

ROGER A FULLER                                                         330.00  DOE HEALTH INSURANCE         

NEIL FULTON                                                               2678.44  OVERPAID TAXES #9261         

GOLDEN WEST TELECOMMUNICATIONS               334.04  E-911                        

GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR               16616.00  TRACTOR RENTAL               

GROSSENBURG IMPLEMENT OF PIERR                   120.00  TRACTOR RENTAL               

PATRICIA HABERLING                                                  12.70  OVERPAID TAXES #7365         

BARRY HIGGINBOTHAM                                            500.00  OVERPAID TAXES               

HOLIDAY INN HOTEL                                                1097.91  DOE TRAVEL & CONFERENCE     

MARILYN HOYT                                                               5.61  OVERPAID TAXES               

HUGHES COUNTY FINANCE OFFICE                   11040.00  OCT 2018 JAIL BILLING        

HUGHES COUNTY ABSTRACT                                1000.00  OVERPAID TAXES #4373         

HUGHES COUNTY JAIL                                               234.59  PRISONER CARE MEDICAL        

JACKIE HUSTED                                                              32.76  EXTENSION TRAVEL & CONFERENCE

CHRISTINE KEIL                                                             35.00  ANNUAL LIBRARY MEMBERSHIP    

KIDS LOVE STICKERS                                                   78.72  CHN SUPPLIES                  

GUY KINSELLA                                                          3577.50  GRAVEL HAULING               

ROBERT T KONRAD                                                  1471.05  CRT APPT ATTRNY                     

KORRAL SUPPLY                                                         106.83  OVERPAID TITLING & REGIS     

LAWSON PRODUCTS INC                                          218.87  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  


LEWIS & CLARK BHS                                                 165.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES   

LYNN'S DAKOTAMART                                                 6.99  R&B SUPPLIES                 

LYNN'S DAKOTAMART                                               20.47  GOVT BLDG SUPPLY & MAINT     

THOMAS P MAHER                                                   4084.08  NOVEMBER EXPENSES            

MARCO                                                                          374.40  OFFICE COPIER LEASE & COPIES 

MIKE MCQUISTION                                                    333.38  OVERPD TAXES #10016-43-07-34

MENARDS - PIERRE                                                    243.63  GOVT BLDG/FAIRGRNDS REPAIR   

MICRO-FIX COMPUTERS                                           140.00  EXTENSION REPAIR & MAINT     

MICROFILM IMAGING SYSTEMS INC                     375.00  ROD SCANNER RENTAL           

MIDCONTINENT COMMUNICATION                       250.73  OFFICE INTERNET              

GARY E MIKELSON                                                     217.30  CRT APPT ATTY MENTALLY ILL   

KEVIN & FRANK MILLER JR                                     410.00  OVERPAID TAXES #6793         


MORENO LEE & BACHAND PC                                   28.20  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES   

NAPA                                                                                  6.99  R&B SUPPLIES                 

WADE NIEMAN                                                              70.00  MV REFUND                    

CITY OF PIERRE                                                           110.00  MEDICAL DIRECTOR OCT 2018    

PITNEY BOWES                                                            332.78  OFFICE POSTAGE               

POWERPLAN                                                               1625.01  R&B REPAIRS & MAINT          

QUILL CORPORATION                                              2227.50  OFFICE SUPPLIES              

R & W CONSTRUCTION LLC                                    4612.95  GRAVEL HAULING               

JERRY RADA                                                                  330.00  R&B HEALTH INSURANCE          

RED RIVER CONSTRUCTION LLC                             663.27  GRAVEL HAULING               

ROBINS WATER CONDITIONING INC                        12.00  R&B SUPPLIES                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                             869.29  R&B SUPPLIES                 

RUNNINGS SUPPLY INC                                               24.99  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   

BRAD A SCHREIBER                                                  1921.95  CRT APPT ATTRNY

SD ASSOC OF COUNTY OFFICIALS                            74.00  ROD M/P FUND         


SD DEPT OF CORRECTIONS                                       211.09  GOVT BLDG/FAIRGRNDS MAINT    

SD DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE                                600.00  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES

SD DEPARTMETN OF REVENUE                            54285.24  MV/VITALS/ANIMAL CNTRL/MENTAL  

SD ASSOC OF CNTY WEED/PST SUPR                        50.00  W&P ANNUAL DUES              

KATELYN SEACHRIS                                                      20.00  SUBPOENA                     

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                    78.00  R&B MAINT                    

SERVALL UNIFORM/LINEN CO                                  307.99  GOVT BLDG SUPPLIES           

SHANE'S PHARMACY                                                   119.71  PRISONER MEDICAL CARE        

DON LEE SMITH                                                               20.00  W&P REIMBURSEMENT            

GAYLORD SONNENSCHEIN                                          19.91  OVERPAID TAXES

STANLEY COUNTY SCHOOL DISTRICT           1324978.84  DUE TO SC SCHOOL              

KATIE J THOMPSON                                                   1933.57  CRT APPT ATTRNY          

TIMPAM RANCHES                                                       906.03  OVERPAID TAXES               

US POSTAL SERVICE                                                    271.00  EXTENSION POSTAGE            

VINTAGE PROPERTY DEV LLC                                  484.72  OVERPAID TAXES               

VINTAGE SQUARE ESTATES LLC                               31.74  OVERPAID TAXES #9256         

WELLS FARGO HOME MORTGAGE                            48.91  OVERPD TAXES #6965/3456/6820

GEORGE WOOD                                                            197.51  OVERPAID TAXES #7576         

WW TIRE SERVICE INC                                             1651.75  R&B SUPPLIES/REPAIR & MAINT  

YANKTON COUNTY                                                     237.50  MENTALLY ILL PROF SERVICES   

YANKTON COUNTY SHERIFF'S DEPT                        50.00  SHERIFFS FEE                  

LOUIS YOUNG                                                                 20.00  W&P REIMBURSMENT             

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                685.28  R&B SUPPLIES                 

ZANDER AUTO PARTS                                                  65.54  FAIRGROUNDS REPAIR & MAINT   



Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer:

November 2018

Cash on hand – $768.28

Checks, less than 3 days - $53,282.11

Postage - $100.00

Petty Cash - $215.00

First National Bank - $123,074.62

MKKT Account – First National Bank - $3,174,748.44

MKKT Account – Dakota Prairie Bank - $69,743.07

SD FIT - $6,103.01

Total - $3,428,119.17


Register of Deeds:

Regular Fees November 2018 - $1,772.64

Transfer Fees November 2018 - $754.00


Treasurer and Auditor Report: Deputy Treasurer Susan Freeman presented the Commissioners with Treasurers report, November bank statement and daily cash, delinquent real estate and mobile home taxes paid, tax trust, miscellaneous receipts, (Grants, Register of Deeds receipts, etc.), investments and Money Market reports. Auditor Philena Burtch presented the Commissioners with the Budget Expenditure Report showing each department’s expenses as of October 31, 2018, and the Outstanding Disbursements by account & budget remaining as of December 3, 2018.


Emergency Management & Disaster: Rob Fines informed the Commissioners that the Homeland Security Grant was awarded and Stanley County will received $18,000.00 for the purchase of new radios for emergency services. The new radios will not be put into use until 2023 when the communication system is updated.


Hazard Mitigation Project: Nicole Prince, with Central SD Enhancement District, informed the Commissioners of a home located on 1806 that is sliding. The homeowners would like the County to apply for a Hazard Mitigation Grant to demolish the home so they can move forward. The deadline for the application is December 15, 2018.


Mike and Robyn Moore stated there is a 100ft drop behind the house and they were advised to get out of the house before winter. The house is cracked in 3 sections. If they demolish the house, it is estimated to cost around $100,000.00. If the house falls, the homeowners will have to pay helicopters to remove the debris, or build a road to clean up the debris.


The mitigation program has funds remaining from the last disaster in Stanley County. The Grant would cover 75%, the homeowners would be responsible for 25%.


The Moore’s are requesting assistance from the County because only government entities can apply for such a Grant.

The Commissioners would like more information. State’s Attorney Tom P. Maher, CSDED Nicole Prince and Auditor Philena Burtch will meet on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, to discuss the project in more detail.


Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Craig Heller, to approve Auditor Philena Burtch as Authorized Applicant Agent. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


County Health Nurse: Carmella Bourk presented the Commissioners with the Community Health Nursing Quarterly Statistics for August-October 2018. Her office has been busy with blood pressure, hemoglobin and dental checks, immunizations, health assessments, WIC Certifications, WIC caseload issues vouchers and nutrition education.


Carmella also explained about South Dakota Child & Family Services. It is a service that provides health and safety information and education, guidance on nutritional needs and healthy food choices, linking of individuals and families to community resources and in-office screenings for blood pressure, vision, hearing and hemoglobin.


Fairgrounds: Scott Deal informed the Commissioners that Weischedel Bucking Bulls will be putting on New Years’ Eve Bull Riding again this year. It will be just one night, Monday, December 31, 2018. The Schomer Barn will be closed December 18, 2018, to prepare the arena and get the barn set up for the bull riding.


The electrical engineer is working on plans for the electric upgrades. The County will need a contract with the engineer to continue with the project.


Scott stated someone approached him regarding the old wood pile. Scott will have them sign a waiver and give them a timeframe to get the wood pile cleaned up.


Scott has been in contact with Horse Nation Indian Relays. The organization would like to schedule the Relays in Fort Pierre June 2019. Scott and the organization are still in the early stages of talking. Scott has not heard anything about the Fort Pierre Horse Races for 2019.


State’s Attorney: Tom P. is in need of new computers. Motion by Craig Heller, second by Mike Kenzy, to approve the purchase of new computers, not to exceed $2,500.00. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


New Hire: Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Sonny Harrowa, to approve new hire of Leasa McFarling, State’s Attorney Assistant, starting pay of $17.00 per hour, with two (2) 50¢ per hour wage increases, one at 90 days, one at 6 months, with Supervisor approval. Start date of November 26, 2018. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Highway Department: Lee Smith presented the Commissioners with a report of work performed by the highway department for the month of November, 2018. They have graveled all of County Line Road. War Creek Road is in better shape. The Cat dozer cab is painted and ready to go on the dozer. Need to put the ‘Slow, Kids at Play’ signs on Bad River Road. Lee received the bridge report, everything rated good.


Lee stated there is State rejected crushed gravel at Fravel’s. Lee would like to purchase enough to gravel the county road in that area.


Raise: Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Dennis Booth, to approve 50¢ per hour, 18 month raise for Highway Assistant, Keva Briggs. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Auto Supplement: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Sonny Harrowa, to approve Automatic Supplement to the Fairgrounds Repairs & Maintenance (101-524-425) in the amount of $945.43, to reflect insurance proceeds from May 2018 wind damage. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Motion by Craig Heller, second by Mike Kenzy, to approve Automatic Supplement to the Road & Bridge Repairs & Maintenance (201-311-425) in the amount of $4,438.93, to reflect insurance proceeds from June 2018 hail storm. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Community Health Services Contract: Motion by Dennis Booth, second by Sonny Harrowa, to accept and approve Chairman Iversen to sign 2019 Community Health Services Contract. All vote Aye. Motion Carried.


Abatement: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Mike Kenzy, to approve abatement for Record #7110, in the amount of $930.51, due to June 27, 2017, fire. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Hughes County 2019 Jail Contract: Motion by Sonny Harrowa, second by Dennis Booth, to accept and approve Chairman Iversen to sign 2019 Hughes County Jail Contract. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Hughes County 2019 JUV Contract: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Sonny Harrowa, to accept and approve Chairman Iversen to sign 2019 Hughes County JUV Contract. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


Budget Resolution 2018-10 Amended: Motion by Craig Heller, second by Dennis Booth, to approve Amended 2019 Budget Resolution 2018-10. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


WIC Secretary Travel: The County WIC secretary traveled to Fort Thompson Clinic December 6, 20 & 27, 2018.


Oath of Office: Oath of Office was completed by Commissioners Craig Heller, Michael Kenzy, Dana Iversen, Dennis Booth and Auditor Philena Burtch.


Year-End Meeting: Year-end meeting has been set for Thursday, December 27, 2018.


Courthouse Holiday Closing: Monday and Tuesday, December 24-25, 2018, in observance of the Christmas Holiday. And Monday and Tuesday, December 31, 2018-January 1, 2019, in observance of the New Year.


Upcoming Meeting: Oahe District Meeting


Adjournment: Motion by Mike Kenzy, second by Craig Heller, to adjourn at 7:12 P.M. All voted Aye. Motion Carried.


ATTEST:                                                         BOARD OF STANLEY COUNTY COMMISSIONERS


Philena Burtch, Auditor                                               Dana Iversen, Chairman


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532