February 4, 2020




TUESDAY FEBRUARY 4, 2020 – 5:00 P.M.

5:00 p.m.                         Call Meeting to Order

                                        Pledge of Allegiance

                                        Approve Agenda       

                                        Approve Minutes of January 7, 2020

                                        Review & Approve Claims

                                        Treasurer’s and Auditor’s Report                                                          

5:05 P.M.                           Coroner 2019 Report - Gary Grittner                                        

                                        Fairgrounds – Scott Deal

                                                New Hire

                                                Sound System

                                                Portable Shower House           

                                        Highway Department – Lee Smith

                                                Sign Project – Brosz

                                                Gravel Crushing

                                                Gravel Screen 

                                        Raise – Highway Department Joe Uecker, 50¢ 6 month raise 

                                        Courthouse Portable Metal Detector, Metal Detector Wands and

                                                Panic Button System 

                                        Automatic Supplement – Road & Bridge and Judicial 

                                        Paul Marso Contract 

                                        Combine Primary Election – School/County 

                                        Hughes County 2020 JUV Contract

                                        First Amendment to Emergency Medical Services Agreement - AMR

                                        SDSU Extension Memorandum of Understanding 

                                        Executive Session – Personnel – SCDL 1-25-2(1) 

                                        Upcoming Workshops – Annual Weed & Pest Conference

County Highway Superintendent Conference, ES&S Regional Training

 Discussion:   Any other business that may come before the Board


Physical address

Stanley County Courthouse
08 E 2nd Avenue
Fort Pierre SD 57532

Mailing Address

Stanley County Courthouse
Auditors Office
PO Box 595
Fort Pierre SD 57532