December 17, 2019 - Year End




YEAR END - TUESDAY DECEMBER 17, 2019 – 5:00 P.M.


5:00 P.M.                        Call Meeting to Order

                                        Pledge of Allegiance

                                        Approve Agenda

                                        Review & Approve Claims

5:05 P.M.                          American Medical Response – Kandace Kritz

                                                Amend Ambulance Contract to include lift assist charge

                                                          and treat/no transport charge

                                        Fort Pierre Fire Department Land – Restrictive Deed

                                        Pre-Disaster Mitigation Grant Program-Moore/FEMA                                     

                                        Emergency Management Services Agreement  

                                        Amend Resolution 2019-13 Conditional Use Permit

                                                from Powder River Development to APC Towers III, LLC                                       

                                        Contingency Transfer Resolution 2019-16 

                                        Operating Transfer – E-911                                                 

                                        Automatic Supplement – WIC 

                                        Executive Session – Personnel – SDCL 1-25-2(1) 

                                        Upcoming Training - MSHA 

Discussion:                       Any other business that may come before the Board


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